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A mindful approach

In my work, I use a combination of talking and integrative embodied therapies through breathing exercises, mindfulness and other creative modalities. My approach is tailored to your needs in a supportive and congruent way.

Through mindfulness you will increasingly develop awareness - encouraging a more wholesome sense of connection with your mind and body. Through awareness, you will be offered the opportunity to integrate a deeper understanding of your needs and how to act on these.

Therapy can support in restoring a sense of connection to yourself in a way that further increases levels of resilience towards the constant stream of emerging needs.

The modalities I practice

Talking Therapy - Gestalt Counselling

Some of the benefits of Gestalt therapy are:

  • Better awareness of your needs

  • Improved communication skills

  • Increased emotional resilience ​

Integrative Embodied Therapy

Some of the benefits of Embodied Therapy are: 

  • Resets the nervous system to healthy functioning

  • Restores inner balance and stability

  • Enhances resilience to stress and overwhelm

Branch in a Glass Jar
My Approach
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